Building Project

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  1. Emmanuel O says:

    Wonderful venture, more power to our Alumni

  2. Mary says:

    Good investment plan, Please I will like to ask if its possible I pay for one unit in three installments?

    • Darlington Okoka says:

      Hi Mary, from the guidelines above it is seen that one unit investment has provision for just 2 installments, however you can contact the chairman of the committee and let him know your plight if any consideration can be given. Mr. Francis Adedipe: +234 703 623 8160

  3. Beatrice says:

    This is a laudable project. When is deadline for applying?
    Also, the revenue sharing listed above, is it monthly or yearly?

    • Darlington Okoka says:

      Hi Beatrice,

      Thank you for your commendation, every interested investor can register from now onwards, but the deadline for first installment payment will be first week in July.

      The revenue sharing above is yearly, but as it is stated, the minimum value for rentage was used for the forecast hence there is every tendency for its improvement and the investment is also for life.

      Thank you

  4. Augustine Domingo says:

    This is another great step by this God-created group. I am proud to be a member.
    I want to know:
    1) where this project will be located? Is it on-campus or off-campus?
    2) Can a member sell off his block(s) of investment(s) if she/he decides to in the future.
    3) If selling is allowed, what protocols are in place to monitor this sale?


    Once more, this is a very good project.

    • Darlington Okoka says:

      Hi Mr. Austin,

      Thanks for the comment. For your questions,

      1. The project will be located off-campus, at Oke-Odo area, Tanke, Ilorin.

      2. Yes, an investor can sell off his units of investment any time in future whenever he decides either to the alumni body or to any interested alumni member. Also for example if you have bought five units, in future you can decide to sell off two units and keep three units to yourself or even sell all.

      3. Selling is allowed, the modalities to monitor this process will be made known by the Alumni Investment Team, but I assure you that it will be very transparent and in the know of the National Excos and the entire alumni body.

  5. kikanwa says:

    Nice project Mr president.

  6. Olatunji Adeolu says:

    Great investment opportunity. More grace, more strenght, more growth to STAC Alumni!

  7. Adedeji Anthony Tolulope says:

    Whaooo,this great well-done to all the building committee and the national excos, my question is when is the final date of registration and also the final date of the second installment payment and can we pay any amount during the first installment and balance at the second installment and when will the second installment payment end also. Thanks and well done to u all once again. Long live STAC Alumni.

  8. Darlington says:

    Hello Mr. Tolu,

    The final date for registration will be in October, you can pay following the outlined instalments:

    One Unit – Maximum of Two Instalments

    Two Units – Maximum of Three Instalments

    Three Units – Maximum of Four Instalments

    Four Units – Maximum of Five Instalments

    Above Five Units – Maximum of Six Instalments

    But if you want a special consideration, you can contact the Chairman of the committee!

  9. Okemzy says:

    Waoooooo! What a lovely idea. Kudos to you all. I have been off-line for a while now. Plz, what’s up now regarding the investment?

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