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  1. Timothy Opeyemi Yayi says:

    Kudos to the executives. I just stumbled on this alumni website. I didn’t know its functioning. Just a little correction in the arrangement of my name in the database. My name is Timothy Opeyemi Yayi as against the wrong arrangement reading Opeyemi Timothy Yayi

  2. Darlington Okoka says:

    Thank you, the error is noted and the correction shall be effected as soon as possible.

  3. Timothy Yayi says:

    I have seen it Sir. Thanks for the swift response and action.

  4. Darlington Okoka says:

    You welcome


    pls i need the emails of the persons above to send them an invitation to attend the fellowship of management consultant Nigeria.

  6. Darlington Okoka says:

    Not possible please, This website is only for alumni members of STAC, Management Consultant Nigeria should have their registered database to which such invitation can be sent.

    Thank you

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