Yet again we made it happen! We made history, just like we always do. 
On behalf of the BOT chairman, the Alumni President, and the entire leadership of STAC Alumni, I wish to express my sentiments of appreciation to you for making our first ever virtual AGM a success!

The 5 hours we spent online together was indeed amazing; every minute of it!
Did you attend? 
If yes, ‘chop knuckle’…. 2 cold bottles for you, on the house..
If No, then I don’t need to tell you that you missed a lot. 
But guess what, you can watch a replay of the meeting that held yesterday from start till finish… e shock you?  I told you we always got you covered. 
All you need do is to click on the link below to catch up with everything you missed.. Abi na you wan carry last?

We had up to 63 people join us on Zoom, including Rev. Fr. Paul Adegoriola, Rev. Fr. Rowland Nwosu, as well as Rev. Fr. Patrick Aemayo who joined us all the way from USA
Members tuned in from different parts of the country, and of course our abroad people also joined from diaspora… It was honestly good to see everyone’s faces again.

2020 AGM may be over, but STAC Alumni lives forever. Plus, we will be 20 years old next year 2021…

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Remember to stay tuned to all of our communication channels as we shall be rolling out even more beautiful things in the coming weeks and months.

Once again, Thank YOU

Long Live STAC Alumni