27th May, 2018

We are glad the below listed individuals have keyed into this Alumni Hostel project, we encourage others who are yet to invest in this project to try and key in to ensure we all benefit in the dividend that will come on the long run.

The Advantage of Investing in this Project

  1. This project is owned by all investors for life, it is neither a turnkey project nor a BOT project (Build, Own and Transfer). So once you have invested it becomes yours for life.
  2. In case of death of any investor, his/her yearly dividend shall be transferred to his/her next of kin which is indicated in the form being filled.
  3. The Investment is not transferred to the second generation; it is for alumni members and immediate family. i.e If a husband is an Investor and the next of Kin is wife, when wife dies the investment goes to any of the children as agreed by the immediate family, and will continue to rotate among the children and cannot be transferred to the Investors grandchild. When it comes to this stage, the quota of the dividend for this investor shall now be transferred to the Alumni. (If an investor writes a statement to object to this, it will be accepted by the investment team, this is in acceptance to the complaint raised at the 2017 AGM)
  4. For an investor without Wife/husband or Children, if he dies, such dividend shall be transferred to parents if still alive, if not the quota is transferred to the alumni body.
  5. For priest and Religious who partake in this investment, they shall continue to receive their quota until death, after death, their yearly dividend shall be sent to their congregation or diocese on the date of their remembrance as a charity to them to mark his/her remembrance.
  6. Dividend shall be shared during Annual AGM
  7. We have a building account with Sterling Bank ( Account Name: STAC Alumni Hostel Project, Account Number: 0066700741) in which the Alumni President, Financial Secretary and Treasurer are signatories.

Investment Plan

This building project has been tailored to involve a lot of members of the alumni, and it is agreed that each unit of investment will cost: Two Hundred Thousand Naira (N200,000) only hence investors are free to purchase as many units as possible.

Instalment payments will be allowed according to the number of units purchased on a monthly basis.

One Unit                     –           Two Instalments

Two Units                   –           Three Instalments

Three Units                 –           Four Instalments

Four Units                   –           Five Instalments

Above Five Units        –           Six Instalments

List of Those That Have Invested So Far

1 STAC ALUMNI BODY KWARA 2                              400,000.00 400,000
2 FRANCIS ADEDIPE LAGOS 2                              400,000.00 100,000
3 MARY ZINSU  LAGOS 1                              200,000.00 100,000
4 OKOKA DARLINGTON EDO/DELTA 1                              200,000.00 100,000
5 PATRICK HINMILKALU OLANREWAJU Abuja 5                           1,000,000.00 100,000
6 MRS. JUDITH UMUAGO EDO/DELTA 1                              200,000.00 200,000
7 MR. PETER AGBESINU LAGOS 5                           1,000,000.00 700,000
8 MRS. TOBY IDAM   1                              200,000.00 100,000
9 ONWUATUEGWU MICHAEL ONYEKACHI LAGOS 2                              400,000.00 0
10 EZENWA BEATRICE NKOLIKA LAGOS 2                              400,000.00 200,000
11 OKE TOLUWASE CLETUS EDO/DELTA 1                              200,000.00 100,000
12 AFOLABI ELIZABETH OGUN 2                              400,000.00 400,000
13 ENDALYN ISICHEI EDO/DELTA 1                              200,000.00 0
14 DUROTOLU-MBADIWE ENIOLA LAGOS 1                              200,000.00 0
15 JOHN ONDOMA OWOICHO ABUJA 1                              200,000.00 100,000


The Architectural Drawing, Structural Drawing, M&E Drawing and other details as pertained to the hostel project can be found on

Invest today and be happy with your future tomorrow


God bless

STAC Alumni Building Committee